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If you think 2010 in social media flew by with mind-spinning new developments, buckle your seatbelts because 2011 will be like riding in a finely tuned Ferrari.  Here are the Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for the coming year:

1. You are the CEO.  Chief Editorial Officer!  Plan your content and deliver more value in the New Year.  Make your articles, blogs, Tweets, Status updates, videos, Power Points –REMARKABLE.

2. Define and Refine.  Focus on your Call To Action.  Define it and then refine it.  Make them clear, crisp and COMPELLING.

3. Analytics are everything.  Measure, analyze and adjust.  Figure out what counts and give it the Eagle Eye Treatment.  Try Daily Activations, New Registered Users or Total Active Users!

4. Try out new tools.  Haven’t tried out some of the new social media whiz-bang tools on the market?  Read this great blog post by Jay Baer: 6 Newfangled Social Media Tools Worth Discovering and try out Wibiya, Hello Bar or LinkedIn Signal.

5. Reward your Fans.  Got some great fans, followers, and friends?  Of course you do.  Want to keep them?  Give them something special that you don’t provide elsewhere or a gift they’ll never forget.  REALLY- DO IT!

6. Always look your best.  You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.  Check yourself out and see how you look.  Make sure you’re always “on” because you’re living in a fishbowl; like it or not.  STAY POLISHED.

7. Get educated.  You can always learn more, especially in this ever changing social world.  Check out the latest webinars at Social Media Training, Inc. and get your game-face on for the New Year.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, WordPress are all here today but while you’re flying through 2011 in your Ferrari, you’ll see many new platforms, tools and changes so be ready and have a Happy, Successful and Social New Year in 2011!

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