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If you’re new to Twitter or need some new ideas and tips on what to do and what not to do, check out our 30 Twitter Tips List below.  Even if you’ve been Tweeting for a while, do a quick review since we’ve all made some of these mistakes and it’s never too late to implement best practices in your Twitter activity.  Enjoy!

1.  Don’t over promote your product or service.  Try using the 10-1 Rule:  Tweeting 10 amazing links or resources earns you the right to promote 1 time.

2.  Customize your background design with your logo and contact details.

3.  Use a link shortener like to save on character count and to measure click-throughs.

4.  Talk less about yourself and more about others.

5.  Check your Klout score.

6.  Retweet smart people’s content and people that have high Klout scores.

7.  Before you retweet (RT) a tweet with a link read the article.

8.  Create hashtags for your events. This helps to create buzz and conversation which raises awareness.

9.  Be polite and make sure to thank people.

10.  Try Tweeting famous quotes.

11.  Monitor keywords related to your business and industry.  Try Google Alerts.

12.  Say something provocative.  It will generate some buzz.

13.  Ask questions to start a conversation.

14.  Answer questions to join a conversation.

15.  Make yourself memorable and your followers will take more notice of you.

16.  Make your Profile and Bio interesting and engaging.

17.  Include keywords in your Bio.

18.  Don’t swear if you’re using Twitter for business.

19.  Correct your spelling and grammar. It helps create a professional image.

20.  Use a great profile photo.  Personal photos are favored by Twitter users.

21.  Scheduling tweets helps provide regular content.  TweetDeck and others can help with this.

22.  Decide what you’re going to tweet about and create an editorial calendar.

23.  Respond promptly to all @messages and Direct Messages.

24.  Get to know your audience and provide value.  Connecting with them is the best way to build relationships on Twitter.

25.  Join the conversation. Enter discussions by commenting using @ messages.

26.  Don’t spam.

27.  Offer your Twitter followers something special like a discount or a special event.

28.  Use a code like TWT123 when offering discounts so you can track response.

29.  Don’t be afraid to post tweets several times a day.

30.  Don’t always retweet or link to other content, create some original information.

There’s always more but that’s a good start.  We’ll add to this and please join in the conversation here or hit us on Twitter.  @SMTraininginc

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Getting lost or sucked into the social space can be a business professional’s worst nightmare! While Social Media can be very beneficial for ones business it can be a two edged sword. Costing you thousands of dollars of lost “time”. So how do you effectively manage your time with Social Media? Here are some tips.

  1. Just like any business plan, identify your goals with Social Media such as brand advocacy, brand awareness, lead generation, sales, website traffic, etc…
  2. Now that you know your goals, identify the time you need to set aside each day to achieve these goals.
  3. Create measurables to better understand your efforts. Which in turn helps you better refine your Social Media Plan. Measurables can be such things at web traffic, lead generation, sales, brand recognition, etc… all which can be measured.
  4. Remember to keep the main thing, the main thing. It is way to easy to get sucked into little social trails that result in nothing but lost time.

If you feel you need more education on the Social Media subject. You can begin by attending this “no cost” webinar on The Business Case for Social Media this TUE 3pm EST. Register Here

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Companies taking a serious look at using Social Media are facing key internal challenges to their efforts.  This is just a short list, but these are ones I find in my discussions with executives on a weekly basis.


How do we measure social media?  In other words how can justify using social media as an additional ingredient.  One of things executives are running into is a lot of start up firms not understanding the B2B/ B2C sales process; however they have a strong grip on social media.  Without an understanding of both, many executives find start up marketing firms along with long standing ones not truly understanding the need and basis for measurables.


Scale is a huge challenge once you realize the validity to a strong social media strategy.  Who is going to administer the strategy? Who will oversee it?  How many people will it take? Do we outsource?  These are all valid questions.  Scale can be easily overcame with the right tools and delegation along with alignment with the proper social media firm.


At the end of the day, social media may generate leads and engagement, but it still comes down to bringing it to a conversation.  Social Media should always be viewed as an extension and ingredient of your marketing and engagement efforts.  It should not be treated as a way to re-write basic interaction and engagement.  It is just an ingredient to help facilitate much more interaction with your target market.  So do your company a favor, be real and authentic when using social media.

I am sure you can come up with more, but these are three key points.  What do you think?