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Social Media has become very popular for use in search engine optimization. So much so that we at Social Media Training have developed training around SSEO (Social Search Engine Optimization). There is a big question circulating in the SEO world: will Social Media be replacing traditional Search Engine Results and Search Engine Optimization practices. Some experts say Social Media will replace SEO and others are saying SEO is here to stay. We think it’s a little of both! By 2014, eMarketer estimates that 65% of all US Internet users will be using social networks. And just to confirm how important this issue is, Google is now using in their guarded search algorithm, the “social graph” as a sign of trust and credibility.

There is no denying that social media at present is playing a vital role in the way users use the Internet nowadays. Everyone including kids, teenagers, seniors, news companies and business owners are participating in social networking websites. If you are currently trying to improve your website’s ranking through the use of search engine optimization then you might be interested to know that social media is now playing an important part in SEO.

Social Media Growth

Social Media Growth

Social Media Tips for SEO purposes

All SEO begins with content. The first step to creating backlinks is to write content that people will want to share. Articles that solve problems, provide a helpful resource, entertain, show innovation or even create controversy can all generate backlinks. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other social media websites are driven by the desire to share. One of the quickest ways to build social media credibility is to share excellent blog posts, video clips and other valuable online content. When you write content that will give Facebook and Twitter users or bloggers credibility just by sharing it, you’re going to generate quality backlinks which will improve your SEO.

Social media marketing improves Search Engine Optimization by way of getting a lot more traffic to go to your website and discuss your posts. Social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter are now being indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing and others; so if you have more action on your website, then the greater you’ll be positioned in search results as the search engines favor active sites.

Establishing a presence on the top social media sites has never been more important.
Right now, you’ve got to have a presence on the Top social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube because they contain the most “authority” from a SEO standpoint because they influence Google’s social algorithm more than any other social media sites out there.
This will allow your site to gain more authority for target keywords on the search ranking result pages. Here are several other “easy to implement” tactics to improve SEO:
• Go to and make sure you have locked down your brand.
• Add, increase and grow your followers, friends and contacts so that you increase your reach and visibility.
• Create compelling, customized profile pages. Add your social links to your Web site too.
• For those of you addicted to The Twitter, encourage Retweeting. Tweets are getting indexed by Google.
• Encourage “Liking”, “Tweeting” and “sharing” of pages, articles and valuable content from your web site.
• Contribute actively to other blogs and forums by commenting on articles related to your area of focus.
• Consider doing some guest blogging with links back to your own blog.
In conclusion, Social Media is more than just a trend – it is a paradigm shift for SEO and should be integrated as one of your key strategies to getting found on the Internet.

About the Author: Richard Diamond is a Director at Social Media Training, Inc. and has 20 years experience in integrated marketing. Social Media Training educates busy executives on how to implement results based social media marketing programs. They train thousands of people every month from around the world. Learn the Business Case for Social Media this Thursday at 1:00 Eastern. Register Here Today!

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This is one of the most important questions about your social media presence.  You obviously want to get found above your competition in social search; that goes without saying.  One way to blow out your competition is to dominate the search results.  So for example, if you want to be found for “fiber optics”, it is important to be at the top of the search results.  This gives you instant credibility and positions you as the leader in this field.  This type of visibility is priceless and takes a little bit of planning and execution.

Follow these Five Social Search Success Rules to increase your chances of getting found ahead of your competition:

Rule number 1 Do your homework.  It always pays to spend some time focusing in on the most important keywords in your business.  Use Google’s Keyword tool or one of the many others on the market to help you hone in on your top 5 keywords that searchers use when trying to find you or your products and services.

Rule Number 2 Spy on your competition.  In order to rank higher in the social search engines, start by doing some competitive research.  Pick your top 3 competitors and check them out on each of the major social media platforms:  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and others.  You’re looking for what keywords they have secured and how often they are using them throughout their social profiles.

Rule Number 3 Insert your keywords in all the right places.  Now this one is critical and you can waste a lot of time embedding keywords in the wrong places.  Make sure to include them in your headlines, job titles, specialties and bio.  Each platform has a different search algorithm but one thing that is common throughout all social media search is the ability to carefully sprinkle your keywords in all right places.

Rule Number 4 Links provide important fuel to search engines.  Study search engine optimization for 5 minutes and you’ll undoubtedly learn that links from other high value sites to your site will increase your ability to be found.  When people link to you, it is like they are voting in your favor and search engines place value on this third party endorsement.  So make sure to be active in the social world and comment on blog posts, link to others, develop and send out relevant, compelling content with a link back to your site.  These activities will drive others to link to you and improve your social search position.

Rule Number 5 Make it easy to be found.  Secure your personal or business brand and lock in the social SEO value of funneling your traffic to your main social media profile or web site.  Even if you don’t plan to tweet very often, it pays to secure your Twitter handle, insert a keyword rich bio and direct them to your Facebook Fan Page if this is your main hub or to your blog or web site.  On each of your social media profiles, make sure it is easy for people to reach out and connect with you.  Try this tool to see if your brand is available on dozens of social sites:

Follow these Five Social Search Success Rules and you will be at the top of Social Search in no time.  Remember that being found before your competition makes an important statement.  It says you are a leader; you are on top and enhances your ever important social credibility.  And today, trust and credibility are the currency of the internet.